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What does breaking the bank mean?

Breaking the bank means that a gambler, or group of gamblers, wins more chips than a casino has at hand at a table. In the most extreme usages of the phrase, it means that the players or player actually win more money than the casino has! In this case, it can cause the casino to go under.

Fears of breaking the bank lead to some of the toughest security and anti-cheating methods of any industry.

What was the biggest lottery win in the world?

When you think of the lottery, you think of millions of dollars, and all of your dreams coming true. What was the absolute biggest lottery win in the world? You may be surprised to know that the largest jackpot ever happened quite recently. A massive jackpot $1.6 BILLION dollars was won on January 13, 2016 shattering world records. 3 different tickets won, meaning that the jackpot was not the highest recorded single ticket win (a July 6th Megamillions ticket scored 20 million more in value) but this was still an amazing score.

One can dream!