Bingo! There is a reason that classics have reached a ubiquitous status. Bingo is all about the social aspect. It is about people getting together and having fun. It is one of the friendliest games offered and online bingo chat rooms are lighthearted with everyone rooting for each other.

The fear of many bingo players who are hesitant to try online bingo is that the social aspect will be ruined. Even if they have heard of the fact that most sites offer bingo chat rooms, you might be worried that you will not understand what people are saying. Not because players do not speak English, but because they use slang and short code to communicate with each other!

Here’s a quick chart to help you navigate the slang.

Bingo Slang Meaning
AFAIK As Far As I Know
AFK Away From Keyboard
B Back
BAK Back At Keyboard (Generally said after AFK)
BBIAM Be Back In A Minute
BRB Be Right Back
FWIW For What It’s Worth
FYI For Your Information
GG Good Game
GL Good Luck!
GLA Good Luck All
GN Good Night
IRL In Real Life
1tg One to go
3tg Three to go
wtg Way to go


Quick tip: For some bingo sites, it is preferred that players speak in lower case and that MCs or admins use capital letters to avoid confusion.

The most popular variants of online bingo are 90 Ball and 75 Ball. You might be surprised that 90 Ball Bingo games are actually faster than 75 ball! That is because with 75 bingo there are generally 5 prizes to be won, compared to 3 prizes for 90 Ball Bingo.

Are online bingo games as social as in person?

Can anything really compete to relaxing with your friends in person? No, but online chat bingo is the next best thing. This is because some sites offer chat games to spice up the game even more.

Bingo chat games require quick fingers! An example would be trivia. The MC asks a question to the chat, for instance the first couple words of a song. Whoever says the song name first wins! Generally prizes are quite small, but this is just an example of how bingo is a much more interactive experience than playing slots all by yourself online. There are hundreds of different bingo games depending on the site. If you are a movie wizard, it might be worth finding a bingo site that has a “name that star” game so that you can shine!

Bingo jackpots

Many bingo sites also offer jackpots associated with their bingo games. Here is an example of how a jackpot would work. Before you start play, you are given 3 random numbers. The game begins. If three of the first four numbers that the MC calls are your random numbers, you win the jackpot! Jackpots are much more difficult to win but can result in a massive score.

How are prize pools awarded?

This is a big difference between online and physical casinos. Online casinos often pay out a percentage of the ticket sales to the winners. This means that your odds of winning are the same no matter how many players there are. Physical casinos often have a fixed prize which is the same no matter how busy it gets. Playing at non peak hours is the best way to improve your chances of winning!

Why would you play online?

Chat games are a great reason to play online. You can socialize and win big while making new friends. However, one of the main reason for playing online is for an awesome bingo bonus! Many sites will offer deposit bonuses to new players in order to attract customers. You can take advantage of these bonuses to give you a little bit of an added edge. Make sure that you read through the fine print as you will generally have to unlock your deposit bonus by meeting wagering requirements.